Los Angeles
The sitting disease
Sitting for long durations can strain the muscles supporting your spine and neck, gradually weakening them over time. This can have a terrible impact on your physical and mental well-being.
Stiff neck and shoulders
Hips and back pain
Legs and gluteal
Weight gain
Don't just take our word for it

Ergonomic products are crafted with the aim of reducing physical strain, minimising the risk of injury, and improving overall well-being during work with the aim to contribute to a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

We spend 8-10 hours a day at work, sitting and this has terrifying risks on your physical and mental health. Investing in an ergonomic work setup is the easiest step you can take towards a healthier future.

SuperErgo works with ergonomic experts and doctors who have helped us come up with ergonomic guidelines which are used to procure each and every chair of SuperErgo.

SuperErgo chairs provide all the adjustments and support needed to customise the chair to your comfort. While they optimise ergonomics, it's important to note that prolonged sitting isn't natural for the human body and may not entirely eliminate back pain. However, by incorporating movement throughout your day and adopting proper sitting posture with SuperErgo chairs, you can expect a significant reduction in back discomfort.

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